How wide can I extend my driveway?

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This is determined by city by-laws so restrictions can change from city to city.  On top of that, it seems like those city by-laws seem to change on a regular basis.  So it’s important to check out your city website for the current restrictions and loopholes.  Historically one of those loopholes has been that a paving stone walkway running along a driveway doesn’t count toward the width restrictions.  With that being said it’s usually a safe bet if you stay within the limits of what your neighbours are doing and simply don’t go overboard.

The following can be found on the City of London On website as of April 2017:

“The maximum width of any residential driveway in the City of London is 50% of the lot frontage, to a maximum of 8.0m (26.3 feet), whichever is less. The driveway width shall be measured parallel to the street at the street line. No lot shall have more than two driveways for the first 30.0 metres. (98.7 feet) of street line. The minimum driveway width is 2.7m (8.8 feet).”