How does Brick Fix compare to competitors?

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The main difference between Brick Fix and other companies that do brick repair is that we actually specialize in brick repair.  Many other companies may offer to repair brick work, but they also offer other services such as lawn care, gardening, concrete, asphalt, and other general contracting.  With a general contractor you’ll get a general job, but as brick repair specialists- Brick Fix focuses on and does this every day.  As a result we are very good at what we do, and you will only get the best with us.


*Personal Experience

I got a phone call from a very concerned home owner back in April 2012.  This home owner had hired a general contractor to repair his brick driveway.  Unfortunately this contractor didn’t specialize in brick repair and half way through the job got confused and gave up.  Unfortunately this contractor also wasn’t an honest man, he packed up his tools and ran away with the deposit.  When I came to assess the property I realized I was going to have to rip up even what the previous contractor had done.  In the end we were able to make his driveway look as good as new, and even did the driveway of a neighbour across the street.